Get off to a flying start!

Not only do we syndicate yearlings but tried horses too.

Most people who enter the industry do so because they love having a bet or they participate because their horse gives them pleasure that they might not get from other aspects of their lives.

That pleasure comes in a multitude of ways, but fundamentally it’s derived from the euphoria of a win and sharing that success with family, friends and associates. They want to feel proud about both their horse and their involvement in racing. Buying into a Ready 2 Race horse means that there is no waiting, you know what you are going to get and can enjoy the races sooner.

Our proven formula sees us purchase tried horses based on their Professional Handicap Ratings & Sectional times obtained from our extensive database of information and the best software available. We will have you in the winner’s circle sooner!

Enquiries are welcome: Please contact Cameron Bennett on 0406 568 500